@thegiftedonfox Season 2

2天 之前
I met you back in 2006. I had just graduated from UCR and moved to LA. No one else wanted to give me a shot. You believed in me, helped me grow and lead me to become a better person. I truly credit you for everything. Not only am I grateful for our crazy journey but in the end I gained a “lifer.” I am so grateful to have you in my life and I am so excited to share this next chapter with you! Here’s to getting hitched!!!! Love you to the moon and back. Congrats @booshyn#booshynoffthemkt

Greene St. Kitchen

2天 之前
Off to a great start! Kicking off the weekend celebrating @booshyn #booshynoffthemktGUYS! If y’all are in Vegas check this place out. A little piece of NYC in Vegas. Amazing street art, delicious food and great music. @greenestkitchen ?

Greene St. Kitchen

6天 之前
Like a true Californian when it comes to an everyday look, it’s all about the denim and it can all be found @Saks. Jeans can be a tricky thing (well at least for me) and it requires trying on a lot of denim to find the perfect fit. If you head to their store one of their stylists can help put together any look with the best designers available. It’s a one stop shop. #SaksStyle #ad @Shopstyle. . . . Which is your favorite look? Comment below… @ragandbone@3×1 @Jbrandjeans@7forallmankind P.C.: @janawilliamsphotos_

8天 之前
Trying to enjoy a bit of R&R, but mentally going through all the things I need to get done. Managing stress with a frosé at @delanobeachclub pc @nichelle??????

Delano South Beach

10天 之前
Sharon having worked in the beauty industry for years felt compelled to leave her job and travel the world. Within that year she learned about different active ingredients and skin types. After her travels, hard work and passionate research @uomabeauty was born. Not just a new beauty brand but a movement that encourages all people to embrace their individuality, uniqueness and beauty. Redefining what it means to be beautiful. Congratulations @heySharonc on your launch. You are so ambitious and the baby you created along with the messaging of inclusiveness is so p站piring. And thanks for letting me shine! I am obsessed with the “double take.” Check out stories for a link to see Sharon’s labor of love! #uomatribe

11天 之前
Strike a pose @ewokgreenberg

14天 之前
Monochromatic but with an extra pop of yellow. Last week when I was visiting a Shinto shrine in Japan ⛩. Bag by @kurtgeiger@nordstrom#InPartnershipwithKurtGeiger?

14天 之前
Soaking up the rays. New WTC is live. #earthdayeveryday #ootd

16天 之前
New series of images by the talented @iddophoto#frombelow #film#makeartwithyourfriends

17天 之前
Last week I traveled to Japan with @shiseido for the reveal of their newest serum. We traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto where #jbeauty originated and met the team of scientists behind #lx10th. Learned that a lot of research has to be done before anything gets the green light and we got to test it on the spot! The serum goes on clear and soaks into your skin after 5 minutes feeling hydrated and smelling like you’re bathing in Irises. Luckily we are due for another #p站tantkarma giveaway! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts… more info coming soon. Happy Easter! pc: @genkiviv

17天 之前
SO-CAL FRIENDS! Ever thought of fostering or adding a new addition to the family?? This awesome group posts adoptable pets that are sometimes sadly put on the 48hr kill list. Most of the dogs are from Downey Animal shelter. There are so many beautiful dogs like the one pictured that could be@ewokgreenberg’s cousin who are looking for their forever homes. Won’t you please take a look?! @dogmeetsfamily#thinkadoptionfirst#adoptdontshop

18天 之前
Had the best time last week exploring Japan. Luckily I was there in time to see all the cherry blossoms! The goal was to travel with just a carry on and so I brought a pair of @42goldshoeswith me. But there are lots of style to choose from on @zappos#oneof42gold #latergram#42goldpartner #ootd #tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

18天 之前
Hanging in the most beautiful home in the hills shooting with @p站tylemagazine @fostergrantrocking my sunnies designed by the one and only @katgraham#fostergrant90 MU @kiranasrat

19天 之前
Loved getting to sit down with @tylerhenrymedium for an incredible reading. Catch me on the season finale of @hollywoodmedium Thursday at 8|7c on E! #HollywoodMedium

19天 之前
This psychedelic light room goes with my groovy shirt. Find all things tie dye —> @shopbop#springstartsnow #tiedye#shopboppartner#shopbopXagolde #latergram#ootd #interactiveart

19天 之前
Touched down in Tokyo! First stop…

21天 之前
Oh Erin bear, where do I begin? Flash back 18 years ago where I first met you during rush week. Two Aries butting heads but look how far we’ve come. We’ve disagreed, had fierce debates, late nights studying or not studying, dominated sports week, graduated college, survived our first Coachella cira 2006, first jobs, traveling abroad to Paris and London, staying in hostiles, crashing on coaches, freezing our asses off, getting robbed, our first apartment, our last apartment, first love, first heartbreak, our quarter life crisis, the boys, the men, my wedding, and all things adulting. I love you to the moon and back. Happiest of birthdays and cheers to many more “firsts” @erinbear

21天 之前
The perfect hint of floral and orange bottled up for your next adventure. Personally, I can’t do heavy scents, they give me headaches. The New @aerinAegea Blossom is the perfect blend of citrus florals, light and fresh. #AerinAmbassador#AerinBeauty

22天 之前
Happy quarter of century! You’ve accomplished so much at just 25. I’m so proud to have you as a friend. You practice what you preach with grace. You are kind, thoughtful, empathetic, generous and wicked smart. Love you @skylersamuels #happybirthday

24天 之前
What it feels like to be in between time and space via Blink’s portals. Am I right? @thegiftedonfox #blink#interactiveart But really I’m standing in water, as lights illuminate the floor, creatively projected from the ceiling. It was such a trippy experience and I highly recommend anyone in Tokyo to go see these exhibits. It’s only in town until next summer! (Thanks for the correction) More in stories! #teamlabplanets


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