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NEW LESSON NOW AVAILABLE! VIMEO ON DEMAND LESSON 40: ARM ANGLES (AND POSES FOR POPPING) In this Lesson, JRock breaks down “Arm Angle” variations and Popping poses. Showing you how to have clean precise lines with your arms while Popping, as well as creating with concepts, paths, large creative poses, and being funky.#popping #vimeoondemand#jrockabm #ebfam #dance#streetdance #danceclass

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When you’ve got that RAW FUNK AND SOUL in your body on this level…people will hate. Especially if you don’t play by their rules or act politically correct. Love him or hate him, my little brotha @greenteckmzk is THE TRUTH. Getting crowd reactions like this in any city he goes. Call him out to battle if you got the ? #popping#realpopping #realfunk

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Funktion (ABM), @ybfunktionOne of the best Wavers in the world of all time. Period. He has the watery waves, full body. Detailed isolation. Creative, one of kind paths and concepts. Uses Snaking Style. He also POPS with his waves, uses Muscle Control, Electric Waving as well. I can’t think of more than 2-3 Wavers EVER, that have all of these qualities in their style. He’s Top for me in Waving. Came up with this brother, crew for almost 20 years, still on top of his Waving game. Takes notes y’all. This is my Waving teacher. #waving#popping #snaking #abmcrew#funktionabm

Los Angeles, California

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Erik @lifeaserik aka Gizmo representing Dallas, Texas. Flew out to train for the weeklong Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp. This man is proof that there is hidden talent all over this country, people we may not heard of YET. He has the natural STEEZ AND FLAVOR behind his movement, and already a strong foundation. Dope to see him taking the Snaking and Waving and combing it with Glides, Floats, and Boogaloo. A mix of Styles you don’t see often! Much respect bro. Keep going. Get out in those battles bro. ? #popping#waving #snaking #floats #glides#stylesuponstyles

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Another solo from the end of the week long Bootcamp. Styles Upon Styles. I’ve been knowing this brotha Shockwave for over a decade now @shockwavewc , I’ve watched him grow into a very skilled Popper that can work professionally, teach, cypher and battle with the best of them. Always humble, always down to build. His recent level up made me very proud. We all have those moments where our skill level jumps up a notch…dope to witness it. This dance is a life long pursuit of improvement and this man is proof of it.#stylesuponstyles #popping#abmfam #warriorscrew

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Happy 4th of July. ? Funeral for America | Jon Boogz For the USA to celebrate its present and future successes, it must come to terms with its past. On our nation’s birthday, in the midst of the most pivotal era of our generation, the movement artistry of FUNERAL FOR AMERICA urges us to draw out and examine our flaws. Director and Movement Artist Jon Boogz challenges Americans to purge from our fabric the racism, violence, bigotry, misogyny, and ​intra-community​ degradation that is so incongruous with the ideologies of the home of the free. In achieving freedom from our past, we can envision our future–one that brims with hope, good will, and equality. +++ Credits Directed by Jon Boogz @jonboogz Director of Photography Cameron Mckinlay @cmckinlay Producers Boogz Media Inc Distinct Visuals @distnctvisuls Spoken word artist & writer Robin Sanders @rsanders182 Starring Jon Boogz @jonboogz Trent Jeray @trentjeray JRock Nelson @jrockabm Amaleke “KIDD” Bradley @kidd_themonsterAntonio “Turbo” Allen @tonio.allen Actors Reimy Jones @reimyjones Harry Iota Lundy @i.o.t.a_ Bryn Schofield @6rynHoward Pheelgood @pheelgoodshowtime Terri Arcelia @terriarcelia Alexandria Bell @aluni888 Gabriel Torres @gabriel.garciaa_ Le Roi Bishop @_leeroi_ Music Chizzy @iamchizzyy Boston Children’s Chorus with Musical Director Anthony King @bostonchildrenschorusCostume Design Castille Ritter @castille_ Jordan Gibo – Assistant Camera Wally Carnate – Behind the scenes Videographer Director Jon Boogz Special Thanks Michael Hebb @michael_hebb Sozo Artists @sozoartists #USA#fourthofjuly #america#independenceday #socialjustice#socialchange #dance#movementartis

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Tiger Lily @tigerlily_grrr from my Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp. I can’t say enough about this young lady, she works harder than anyone I’ve met at that age. Her level up is REAL! I’m calling it now, she’s coming for heads in 2020. Female Poppers, Male Poppers, doesn’t matter. Her Styles, Foundation, and Technique is on the right path and her dance ability and battle energy is no joke. ????? ABM FAM. I make sure MY STUDENTS GET THE CHANCE TO SHINE. #popping#realpopping #robot #boogaloo#waving #snaking#stylesuponstyles #jrockabm

20天 之前
If your “Teacher” or “Judge” can’t demonstrate a FREESTYLE solo in the STYLE OR STYLES they are presenting themselves as an authority in…..LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR KNOWLEDGE. PERIOD. DOT. COM. Stay authentic. #popping#boogaloo #robot #animation#waving #streetdance#worldofdance #sytycd #hhi#jrockabm #ebfam

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You can’t sit on NATIONAL TV IN 2019 and pretend to be a “Dance Expert” and get this wrong! Why do we need “Celebrity Hosts” over “REAL DANCE LEGENDS THAT KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT”? Dancers, stop co-signing these garbage ass TV shows that misrepresent our culture. Just to get exposure, they don’t even pay the dancers on these shows. Stick to “Kick Ball Change” and stay away from Street Dance Culture if you’re not going to take the time to research the correct HISTORY AND TERMINOLOGY! Boogaloo is a Funky Dance originated on the West Coast, has nothing to do with Breakin. Not only that, are you speaking about Oakland Boogaloo from the 60s? James Brown Boogaloo? Electric Boogaloo from the 70s made famous on Soul Train and the movie Breakin? “Pop and Lock”, you sound so uninformed and ignorant. There’s POPPING AND LOCKING, two totally different dance styles from two totally different eras. #worldofdance#jlo #neyo #popping #boogaloo#wod #dance #education#dancingwiththestars #sytycd

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You gave us your all, and demanded the same from everyone that worked with you along your journey. That is why you were and always will be the KING. 10 years ago the world lost you, but your music and message lives on. Proud to be part of the MJ Family. My favorite photo of MJ, showing how hard he worked and his pursuit of perfection.#michaeljackson #mjone#michaeljacksonone #kingofpop

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The positive feedback from the “Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp” has definitely p站pired me to host another one next year. This is Sammy Mac 10K, @sammac10k . Came out to Vegas from Cleveland to invest in his skills and train with me. The growth from day 1 to end of the week was real! So much talent and potential in this young man. Proud of you bro! Sky is the limit, the major growth will happen as you continue to practice and train the tools I passed you after this week is gone.#stylesuponstyles #popping#jrockabm #ebfam

1个月 之前
TOYMAN STYLE. New ways to hit the Toyman. Expand foundation, that’s my idea of creativity. Style expansion pack now available on Vimeo on Demand. Excerpt from Lesson 39. #vimeoondemand #popping#toyman #toymanstyle#boogaloo #robot#electricboogaloo #jrockabm#ebfam

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NEW LESSON NOW AVAILABLE! LESSON 39: TOYMAN STYLE (PART 2) ADVANCED. Vimeo on Demand (Link in Bio) In this lesson, JRock goes deeper in to the style known as Toyman. Breaking down how to be creative, add detail, timing changes, and putting together ADVANCED TOYMAN solos! Highly recommended to take Toyman Style Part 1. #popping #toyman#poppingdance#vimeoondemand #poppingclass#tutorial #dance #modernfunk#funk #abmcrew #ebfam

1个月 之前  JRock Nelson p站
“Herrie The Robot” @herrietherobot from Netherlands. I asked my students from the Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp to hit solos at the end of the week…bringing some of what they learned into their own style. This man Herrie is NOT PLAYING! He came all the way from Holland just to train that week, with an already high skill level, and worked hard the entire week, pushing every day, full out, taking notes, asking questions, and APPLYING what he learned. This is what it takes to be GREAT. Give this man a follow and follow his journey in dance. #abmfam#popping #stylesuponstyles#modernfunk #boogaloo #robot#puppet

1个月 之前
A round from a call out battle with MP ART @mpartc He challenged me to a friendly exchange at Styles Upon Styles After Party. Full battle on my YouTube channel. Stay ready, you never know when someone will put you on the spot! ??? #popping #poppingbattle#calloutbattle #stylesuponstyles#futurefunk #ebfam

2月 之前
Teaching more than just the dance. ? ? ?? ⚔️ ??‍♂️ ? ?

2月 之前
The after party for Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp and Return of FUTURE FUNK to Las Vegas. Big shout out to the finalists @raf.wcand @tigerlily_grrr for the Popping Battle. Congrats to Raf for taking the win. Congrats to @joeythejam for winning the OPEN FUNK STYLES Battle. Many styles of dance are done to funk, but Locking was the champion for the night. Special thanks to the DJs for keeping the funk thick all night. @bzbeats@_jaysound …shout out the host @mpartc and our other judge @jboogie2257 our venue @ninja_karaoke #futurefunk#stylesuponstyles

2月 之前
Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp 2019. So humbled by the energy and hard work these dancers put in! The level up was real. Each and every one of you are ABM FAM. You now have the formula for your own lab?? @raf.wc@shockwavewc @mpartc@tigerlily_grrr @scottyalpha@lifeaserik @tammynsy@chuqingni @sammac10k@herrietherobot @boog1e_d@chicago_the_comic

2月 之前
Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp 2019 was a success! Big shout out to the dancers that came from all around the world to dig deep into many aspects, techniques, styles, and moves in Popping and related to Popping. We had dancers from Australia, Canada, China, Holland, and cities all over the US. We ended the week with a Funk Night and Battle. I can’t express enough, my GRATITUDE, and feeling of INSPIRATION to watch everyone grow together, and work so hard all week. 5 hours a day for 5 days in a row is no joke.#stylesuponstyles #jrockabm#popping #ebfam Special Thanks to my host and co-organizer @mpartc and @randmvisionphoto for capturing the event.

2月 之前
You gotta Rock it Fast, Rock it Slow. ??? Never heard this track before, nice challenge catching it. Black out was in full effect. #redbullbcone #redbull#popping #cirquedance#cirquedusoleil#cirquedusoleilcasting

2月 之前
With the Legend and Pioneer himself @crazylegsbx Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew. One of the first people to p站pire me to dance, his work over the years to preserve the art of BBoying Culture and Hip Hop Culture, and his humanitarian work in Puerto Rico after the Hurricane is p站piring on all levels. Also the grimy and raw @bboycasperCasper, we go wayyyyy back. Good seeing at BC ONE. Asia 1 @asia1nep , the Iconic BGirl, founder of No Easy Props/BBoy Summit….with the photo cred. My extended dance fam.#redbullbcone #breaking#popping #bboy #bgirl #ebfam#rocksteadycrew#mzkworldwide #boogiebrats#thebreakboys

2月 之前
Battle mentality. Nice catch by @littleshao ?? #redbullbcone#jrockabm #popping #ebfam#cirquedusoleilcasting#cirquedusoleil #cirqueway#cirquedance@cirquedusoleilcasting

2月 之前  JRock Nelson p站
Sometimes you gotta just shoulder shimmy your way in. Round 2 from the finals. Always Freestyle in the moment. Which round did you like better, 1st or 2nd? I liked the first better overall…but that Waving was kinda icy in the second. I never know what’s gonna come out, the music just pushes me. Respect to the other side and my partner. We in the ring…not just online.#redbullbcone #redbull#jrockabm #popping #breaking#cirquedance #cirquedusoleil#cirqueway #modernfunk#zackyforcefunk@zackeyforcefunk that track is lit ?

2月 之前
One of my rounds in the Finals at RedBull BC ONE. #redbullbcone#popping #boogaloo #jrockabm#redbull #cirquedusoleil#cirquedance #cirqueway

2月 之前
FRIDAY MAY 24th. LAS VEGAS The official “Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp” After Party and Battle! To end the week of training we will be having an after party at @ninja_karaokeFree to get in! Modern Funk and Classics all night. The return of Future Funk to Las Vegas. 1 vs 1 Popping Battle for $1,000 CASH and Trophy. (Styles Upon Styles Bootcamp Students Only) Top 8 to Finals. 1 vs 1 “Open Funk Styles Contest” $250 CASH Open to anyone to enter. Waackers, Lockers, Poppers, Robots, Funky Party Dancers. Top 4 to Finals. Cyphers all night. Full bar. Chill vibe. #futurefunk#stylesuponstyles #popping#lasvegas #funk #modernfunk

2月 之前
Battling this week as a Special Guest Battler at the first ever Popping and Breaking Competition at RedBull BC ONE. HOUSTON! @RedbullBCOneCamp is touching down Fri. May 17 – Sun. May 19 this week with three days of workshops, lectures, competitions and after parties with the world’s top talent! All are FREE – you RSVP here: win.gs/bconehou #redbullbcone

2月 之前
We killed this. When you have to dance next to a Legend, you gotta pull up. Still an p站piration to me after all these years… @popinpete , I’m still trying to pull up. ?? #popping#realpopping #poppinghard#ebfam #electricboogaloo

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NEW LESSON NOW AVAILABLE! “LESSON 38: AIR POSING AND AIR POPPING” (Link in Bio) In this lesson, JRock breaks down the foundational groove step called the Air Pose, or Air Posing. Air Posing is a great exercise to work on patience and rhythm. JRock also shares a unique variation of Air Posing that he created called Air Popping, which plays with the timing of Air Posing by adding Popping technique to it to switch up the timing of Popping and create a unique feel. #popping#airpose #airposing #boogaloo#ebfam #jrockabm#vimeoondemand

2月 之前
Puppet Style. Experimenting with different layers over the Puppet. Animated Puppet, Robotic Puppet, Waving Puppet, Boogaloo Puppet, Popping Puppet. Not moves, always freestyle. Trying to dig deeper artistically into the foundation of these dances. Always a student of the game. This snippet is from LESSON 27 (PUPPET PART 2) from my Vimeo on Demand Lessons. #popping #puppet#humanpuppet #puppetdance#animationdance #boogaloo#robot #stylesuponstyles

3月 之前
TONIGHT! First Friday Dance Battles at @ninja_karaoke 1v1 All Stlyes for $1000 gift card from @zappos Hosted by ya boi @mpartc Dj @_leosuede & @_jaysound Judges @thericardoarts @jrockabm & @mafixsx #NinjaKaraoke 1009 S. Main St Door at 8pm Free Karaoke p站ide Battles at 11pm 21+ no cover just #VegasCulture#dancelife #freelasvegas#artsdistrictlv#firstfridaylasvegas#allstylebattle #allstyle#lasvegas

3月 之前
LESSON 37 “Sinbaddin” Focusing on adding details to your Style. Sinbaddin can add an illusional or animated effect to any style that you do. But first, you gotta learn how to Sinbad. Full lesson available on Vimeo On Demand! (Link in Bio) #Animationdance#animation #popping #robot#sinbad #sinbaddin#vimeoondemand

3月 之前
Funktion and JRock 2019#Popping #waving #boogaloo#ABM


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