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This is how I raise my hand in class ✏️ @shagmag

Los Angeles, California

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It’s Friday! Let’s do an #AskMeAnything in the comments! ? @shagmag

Los Angeles, California

2天 之前
Get your jugs, it’s free slurpee day! ? What’s your favorite slurpee flavor? Photo / @cameronnunez Makeup / @lilcarreiro

Los Angeles, California

3天 之前
What’s your vice? ? @shagmag

Los Angeles, California

4天 之前
I’d lose my own head if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders ?? Photo / @adgopro1 Makeup / @lilcarreiro

New York, New York

5天 之前
First person to comment NIPPLE letter by letter in a row without interruption on each of our photos @its_juliarose and @kaylalaurenofficial gets a video from all three of us! ?

Hollywood Hills

6天 之前  Lauren Summer p站
Would you rather eat the same meal for the rest of your life or never use p站 again? ??

Los Angeles, California

7天 之前
Find something to smile about today. What makes you smile? ? By @adgopro1

Los Angeles, California

8天 之前
Walking into Starbucks to get my 4th chai latte of the day ☕️ @adgopro1

Los Angeles, California

9天 之前
Happy Fourth! ?? Head on over to the link in my bio to see photos and video of my #fourthofjulycelebrations! ? Photo by @cameronnunez Makeup by @lilcarreiro

Los Angeles, California

11天 之前
This is what 99% of the photos look like from my shoots with @adgopro1 tbh. What do you think he said that made me make this face?! ?

Hollywood Hills

12天 之前
I hear p站 hates boobs so I put some boobs on a chai latte ☕️

Los Angeles, California

13天 之前
Wanderlust ? Photo by @cameronnunez

14天 之前
I think I’m gonna buy an Airstream and live in the deserts of Joshua Tree. Who’s with me? ? Video / @cameronnunezMakeup / @lilcarreiro Photo / @adgopro1 Wearing / @dollskillWatch by / @kowatches Moral Support / @assadshal

15天 之前  Lauren Summer p站
Somebody shoulda had your back ? – @olivertree Photo by @adgopro1

18天 之前
I’m not going anywhere. ✊? Photo / @cameronnunez Makeup / @lilcarreiro

21天 之前
Well would you look at the time! ? @kowatches Photo / @cameronnunez Makeup / @lilcarreiro

22天 之前
Me walking into Denny’s at 4am like ?? Photo / @adgopro1

23天 之前
Multiple photos removed in one day. Six posts this week so far. This isn’t just about me, this is about the hypocrisy and bias of only censoring and sexualizing a woman’s body. In addition, my YouTube was just demonetized yesterday for “Sexually Gratifying Content”. I make vlogs. I make hauls. This has all got to stop. The policing of women’s bodies has got to stop. There is a difference between sexy VS sexual content. The issue lies in p站 (and YouTube) saying that a sexy women is agap站t community guidelines and a threat to society. In the meantime, I will be using my Patreon much more, as it is the only platform I can post normal content. (Link In Bio) A lot of crap has been happening, but there is even more good on the way. You’re not even ready for this next chapter. So stay tuned, and #FuckYourCensorship ✊? Photo / @cameronnunez Makeup / @lilcarreiro Outfit / @honeybirdette Censor / @p站

25天 之前
Another day, another post removed. To the person or persons reporting my photos, unfollow me. You’re only driving traffic to my other social media’s and Patreon, so thanks for the free advertising! ? To everyone else, I’m sorry that my rule-following posts are being taken down by salty people before you can enjoy them. To p站, Fuck Your Censorship. A women’s bodies shouldn’t be controlled just because they’re female and “automatically sexual”. Reporting photos with female nipples, and EVEN those without, only brings us backwards. Do better.#FuckYourCensorship Video by @cameronnunez Makeup by @lilcarreiro Lingerie by @honeybirdette Censor by @p站

26天 之前
Monday blues ? By @adgopro1

28天 之前
Wow I’m such a fashion blogger now ? ____________________ Announcement! I will be going LIVE on YouTube at 12:30pm PST today to raffle off a one of a kind signed poster taken by @cameronnunez! All you have to do to enter is be subscribed to my YouTube and comment while watching the livestream! You don’t wanna miss this ? (LINK IN BIO, and check out the poster in my story!) Photo by @cameronnunez Makeup by @lilcarreiro

29天 之前  Lauren Summer p站
New YouTube video up! ? We went to the @ilikescarymoviesexperience and vlogged the whole thing! What’s your favorite scary movie? Link in bio!

1个月 之前
Where’s a pool boy when you need one? ? Posting this photo from this amazing set (FULL SET IN BIO!) because it follows every single p站 guideline. ✅ Photo by @ajkphotography1Bikini by @vitaeapparel Fanny Pack by @dollskill

1个月 之前
MOOD because my photos that follow every p站 guideline keep getting taken down. If you don’t like them, don’t follow me ??? By @adgopro1

1个月 之前
What makes you tick? ⚡️ Photo by @adgopro1

1个月 之前
Is it lunch time yet? ? @kowatches

1个月 之前
Have you shaved your balls today? ?? @manscaped Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code LSUMMER20 at!

1个月 之前
Pardon me, do you have the time? ⌚️ With / @kowatches By / @adgopro1

1个月 之前
Contemplating whether to get a burrito or a salad at Chipotle like… ? Photo by @adgopro1Location by @losangeleslux

1个月 之前
Just desert things ? Wearing @ignite

1个月 之前
It’s here ? First new set with @adgopro1 only on my Patreon! Link in Bio Photo by @adgopro1Location @losangeleslux


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