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#TBT This was way back in 1997 when I was just a wee little boy before I was in my first movie.

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Check out this mini documentary about my new favorite band @the_linda_lindas ! Click on the link in my bio! #Repost@the_linda_lindas with @get_repost ・・・ Thanks to @nakamurafoodland and @mike.panganiban for putting this video together of us.❣️We are so thankful to have so much support from them and so many people including @best_coast@bobb_brujo@mskathleenhanna@bikinikillrecords@moneymarkofficial@maurerjustin @thatdanielwu@natepottker @abaxley, our parents, and more!!!❤️❤️❤️ Link in profile to full video! ☝️

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This is one of the best parts of a car build. I took these dirty and dank 50 year old car parts to be replated and they come back looking brand new! #hondas800#sema2019 #battleofthebuilders

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there!

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The #Warriors fought to the end just like a true warrior should. But alas we could not get past the Raptors. Congrats to the #Raptors they fought hard for this and deserved the title! I took this pic remind myself that this is the last time I will walk out of a Warriors game at Oracle. #NBA#NBAfinals #dubnation#warriorsground

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Tonight is #game6 of the #nbafinals but this is an extra special night because it is the last game the #GoldenStateWarriorswill ever play at Oracle Arena or what we used to call the Oakland Coliseum Arena. I went to middle school and high school in Oakland and I now live in here so this Arena has a special place in my heart. Although I am sad that this is the last game here, I am happy that the #Warriorsmanaged to make it to this game 6 giving us fans the opportunity to take in this last game. Win or lose if you are going to be there tonight DO NOT LEAVE EARLY like game 3 and 4! Stay in the arena and chant WAAAARIORS until the last Warrior is off the floor not just for this team and the struggles they went through in this series but also for Warriors organization for bringing so much basketball joy to this town for 47 years. I have no doubt the new Chase Center in San Francisco will be great but it won’t be the same as O. Co Arena. Oakland won’t be the same without the Warriors. It’s the end of an era tonight and it’s giving me the feels! Go Warriors! #Dubnation

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Check out the #intothebadlands#Emmy submission for best stunt coordination! Hopefully we finally get recognized this year! #emmy4badlands please spread the word and repost this post!

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Tonight is one of the last games at Oracle Arena for #goldenstatewarriors . Next year they move across the bay to San Francisco. So that’s even more reason to win big tonight! Go Warriors! #dubnation#warriorsground #nbafinals#oraclearena #game4#splashbrothers

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About ten years ago I had a management company called Revolution. Hong Kong Hip Hop group @24herbs_official was one of the first acts I signed. 10 years later, Revolution no longer exists but 24 Herbs is still pumping out the jams. In April after a stint in the hospital for an appendicitis, I went on their podcast @247talkto talk about everything from how I got start in the business to how an appendicitis can almost kill you. If you speak Cantonese check out the link in the bio!

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What a nice coincidence that @machinedspeed makes bronze anodized titanium lock pulls for the 510! Nice final detail to add before taking #thetantō to @coyotecreekconcours on the 23rd!

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When this song came up in @alwaysbemymaybemovie I laughed so hard. This turned out to be a great little movie. I am normally not a fan of this genre but there were some really great moments that made me change my mind. You have to at least stream the song on @spotify and have a listen! Big up to my man @dan_the_a for making the funniest song of 2019!

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I’ve been ignoring the #FocusRSthese days as I have been busy with the #sema2019 build. But look what came from @borlaexhaust today! Excited to get this on but it will probably be a while be the lift will be occupied for a bit. Thanks so much #borlaexhaust for trying to improve my sense of sound!

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Any Asians out there that have funny stories about brining Asian food to school? Tell me about it below! #Repost@yomyomfofficial with @get_repost ・・・ In the new ep of #FamilyStyle, #intothebadlands’ star #DanielWu reveals the side business he had as a kid–trading his Chinese snacks for American ones in the playground. Link to all eps of the show in our bio. #asianamerican #asianfood#nomnom #apahm #stage13#yomyomf #sidehustle #snack#snacks

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Going through some old photos and found this little gem. 1992 Prom night. I remember going to the mall to get the tailcoat that would match my ox blood Doc Marten’s. Who knew 25 years later that color would become Sunny’s trademark color only his outfit is slightly cooler. Honorable mention to my pose was smooth as silk!

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Big congrats to @emily_beechamfor snagging the best actress award at the @festivaldecannesfor her film #LittleJoe. The Badlands Family couldn’t be more proud!

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31 years ago my Dad bought himself his first Porsche 911. It still remap站 in the family but this year I bought my first Porsche and it was fun giving my Dad a ride in it. Although he didn’t seem to like how much faster these new cars have become! #gt3touring #porsche #911

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One of the best things about my job is that I am constantly meeting and working with talented people that p站pire me. I met @alexandre_willaume while working on Tomb Raider is South Africa. He is a shit actor but luckily he can paint!?When I saw this painting of his I had to have it. It reminds of of the dreams I had as a kid to live an adventurous life like Huckleberry Finn. I am hoping one day to build a treehouse for my daughter since I never got past having just a plank of wood nailed to a branch as a young boy. I hope looking at this painting everyday will be a constant reminder to do it. Thanks Alexandre! Hope to see you somewhere soon! @studiowillaume @the__danish

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Chinese Hip Hop group @higherbrothers killed it at the @theregencyballroom SF last night! I am old enough to have witnessed the birth of hip hop in America and followed it’s evolution to far reaching places like Japan and China. The Higher Brothers represent the journey Hip Hop has made. These young fellows are smart, talented, and know who they are and where they are going. Proud to see them pack out the joint and put on an amazing show! #respect#ChineseHipHop#HigherBrothers

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Hey ya’ll, it’s almost over but did you know it’s Asian American Pacific Islander heritage month? Giving props to our diverse heritage! #PhenomenallyAsian#aapiheritagemonth @napawf@phenomenal.ly

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TSA officials have tough jobs. Dealing with grumpy travelers while trying to keep the airways safe has got to be difficult. This however has got to be the worst TSA job out there. Watching this doorway so no one comes in the out door is probably really boring. And it looks like they are not allowed to speak to each other either. #tsa


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