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This captions tough to find the right words bc @notryanhiga is the best at yt, as a role model, as a friend, as a human!! Ryan’s an Asian American that def doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He built his youtube channel from the ground up and has consistently been one of the top youtube channels over the past decade…as someone who has casually dabbled in youtube lol (how to get into harvard, anyone?). Everywhere I go people are ALWAYS askin about ryan – young kids, older parents and everything in between. Hes one of the most down to earth and humble guys i know. Hes a trailblazer in the industry who genuinely cares about others and not all the bs that comes w being a celebrity. He takes his platform seriously in creating meaningful/impactful content and opens doors for others, including me. Thanks for everything bro! Tag someone you appreciate and who has opened doors for you!! #APAHM#teehee #cousp站forlife

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Had to up my fashion game for our must-win Game 3 to represent @31philliplim ! It was started by @therealphilliplim and Wen Zhou. If you know me well, you know I typically stay swaggin in sweats and sandals, but I also really admire people that design fire clothing. Phillip and Wen built a big international brand all while continuing to promote Asian representation and give back. They’re big supporters of @apexforyouth, an important nonprofit that connects mentors with underserved Asian and immigrant youth in NYC! Keep doing amazing things @31philliplim ?? #APAHM

13天 之前  林书豪p站 
KAWHI CALLED GAMEEEEE!!!!! Headed to the ECF! How’d he hit this?!?? Lets goooooooo #WeTheNorth#turnthisintoaposter

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Happy Mothers Day!! Thank you for making me the person I am today and for your lifetime of sacrifice to give me the best life you could offer. Love you mom! 母親節快樂!#ShirShir

16天 之前
To all the young kids, women, Asians, overlooked: In the long run, it means a lot more that YOU believe in yourself vs having the belief from OTHERS. Do your best, trust God with the rest. Psalm 75:7 #phenomenallyasian#APAHM #faithfirst@phenomenal.ly

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Congrats on the championship!! SOOO proud of my lil bro! Came into the SBL as a 140lb undersized college grad but kept working amidst the doubt and criticism. Always being labeled “Jeremys little brother.” But God has truly blessed you so much over these four years: 4x All Star, 2x SBL Assist Leader, Rookie of the Year, First Team All League and now CHAMPION!! Colossians 3:23 – Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as for the Lord and not for men Love you @joe_lp站 !! Congrats @fubon_braves

17天 之前  林书豪p站 
Last nights playoff outfit is all about BOBA! Speakin of last night, huge team effort and crazyyy environment at Scotiabank thanks to the fans!! I lived off boba in high school and would have boba wars (think laser tag but w tapioca pearls). Some of my close friends cant go one day without drinkin it @jaychou lol Growing up in the US, a lot of Asian Americans have the experience of being embarrassed of our Asian lunches at school and wishing our moms would let us trade in our dumplings for sandwiches. Major shoutout to @bobaguys , @chaumeleon , @ymfy and all the other awesome Asian people bridging cultures with our food and drinks!! We have so much culture to celebrate and offer to the world! 加油⛽️

20天 之前
Hugeee game 4 win! Kawhi being Kawhi, @pskills43 with a gutsy game and @kyle_lowry7 leading us. Headed back North…need everyone there Tue for the game!!! #WeTheNorth Also its May which means its Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!! Kickin it off rockin this fire @constancewu tee by @epicprops ???? …shoutout to Constance who was has been vocal and articulate on key issues such as equality, social justice, and representation…respect her tremendously and have a lot to learn from her. Also I can’t express how freakin proud I am to be Asian American!! There are still so many fields where Asians are underrepresented and it makes me so happy to see Asian Americans pursuing their dreams and killin it in design, fashion, and other industries #APAHM#TeamConstance

29天 之前
A few years ago I traveled to Thailand with @eugenecho and @onedayswages to learn more about the complex issues of poverty, human trafficking, and inequality. You don’t really learn about things like this until you are on the ground and actually see it first hand. This trip definitely p站pired me to try to empower vulnerable children and to keep doing what I can to help others. Consider joining us — link in bio.

1个月 之前
on to round 2!! great to have this little guy around and get his first playoff experience! 接受了 @jaychou 的 #抱抱挑戰 你有多久沒擁抱身旁重要的人?Love Hugs 讓我們與人更親近 每一個抱抱挑戰 愛心企業將捐款給受虐兒 我點名 @joe_lp站 @vannesswu@iammcjin 接受挑戰 #4月28號兒童保護日

1个月 之前  林书豪p站 
Big Game 3 win!! Huge night from @pskills43 tonight! Had to rep the 4x All-Star lil bro @joe_lp站 as he starts the SBL playoffs. Do your thing, will be rooting for you from the other side of the world. Love you WeiWei! 我會從美國為你加油弟弟 我愛你! #WeTheNorth#Lp站taNation @fubon_braves

1个月 之前
Join me and 11,191 other prayer warriors as the playoffs kick off!! Subscribe at this link (also in bio)! 季后賽在即、請大家與我跟另外11,191位代告勇士們一起禱告! 訂閱請點這裡! https://www.jlin7.com/pages/prayer-list

2月 之前
Immerse yourself in the present journey, but never forget the big picture!! Half a year ago, I was fighting to get cleared for contact right before training camp. One year ago, I was rehabbing the most devastating injury of my life that took me out the full season. Two years ago, I was coming off 3 straight injuries that took me out for almost 60 games. It’s a daily process to regain my form, and I’m not near where I want to be, but God has tremendously blessed me to be healthy and finish my ninth NBA regular season!! I wasn’t even supposed to see one! Grateful for the highs, the lows, the lessons and the fans! Playoffs here we come #WeTheNorth

2月 之前
Stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15:58‬ ‭ Gettin there! All that outside noise can stay outside #WeTheNorth #patienceiskey#threeinarow

2月 之前
Best gift after tonights game, seeing family!! Solid team win, gonna keep pressing forward one step at a time. When you’re not where you want to be, focus on one small step at a time! And NYC, 7 years after Lp站anity you guys still brought out all the jerseys, tees and the ovation at the free throw line tonight. I’ll ALWAYS have love for this city! 我有最好的粉絲 紐約我會永遠愛你! #Chunkzzz #patienceiskey#walkbyfaith #glorytoGod

2月 之前
A Bullet Is Forever #GGTG#WeTheNorth #patience

2月 之前
Back on track!! ?? #WeTheNorth

3月 之前
Thought of Ava today on International Womens Day!! Even though she isn’t with us today, I’ll never forget her, the personality, the pure joy and the impact she had on this world. At such a young age she understood faith and hope in ways I still don’t today. We live in a world today where women continue to be underestimated so let’s take the time to celebrate all the strong women in this world! Thanks Ava for teaching me that life is all about how you live it not and how long you have, that youth/age isn’t a limitation, to not take the “small” things for granted, that joy when exemplified right is truly a light amongst a dark world. Rest in peace, we miss you! #internationalwomensday#shinebright #shoutouttogwen

3月 之前
? Yellow Ferrari Like Pikachu ? #WeTheNorth#Kawhicalledgame @ghost.art

3月 之前
As athletes, we’re wired to always want, work and achieve. But it’s sooo healthy to pause, be still and count my blessings! Health to hoop, health to live. The game of basketball. The tens of thousands of fans who fill the arena and the millions worldwide who tune in too. Teammates, coaches, opponents, competition. Blessings, successes, adversity, failures. Talents, strengths, limitations, weaknesses. Family, friends, fans, haters. Everything down to having basic necessities to live! We get one life to live on this earth, gotta enjoy it. Thank you Lord for it all!! ???? #WeTheNorth#gratitudeattitude#shortarmsequalsnoblocks


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