2天 之前
We’re back with a second @poshmark closet drop! Mom and I have just added some exciting pieces to our pop up store. You can help us save more sweet pups like my boy Sarge here simply by shopping our closet. All our proceeds will be donated to the @jasonheiglfoundation Your love and support for our fundraiser has blown us away. Thank you so, so much. ? Just tap the link in my bio to shop! #PoshPopUp

6天 之前
Let me tell you a little story about this sweatshirt. A few weeks ago while I was on set filming an amazing independent movie in Florida I got cold. The hospital we were working in was VERY air conditioned and I wasn’t prepared. As I stood rubbing my arms and shivering during rehearsal @harryconnickjr my funny, charming, thoughtful and chivalrous co-star took his hoodie off and put it around my shoulders. When we were done rehearsing I tried to give it back to him but he p站isted I keep it. I felt he was being too generous and I couldn’t possibly take it from him so I left the hoodie in my trailer for costumes to give back to him once I was done filming. I came home from Toronto a few days ago to a glorious clear quartz crystal @harryconnickjr sent me as a wrap gift along with the hoodie and this note. Now that is a class act of a man my friends! I Feel incredibly privileged and grateful to have had the honor of working with him for even a brief period of time. Thank you @harryconnickjr you really are the BEST! Now I have to come up with some equally impressive and charming gift for you…thanks a lot. ?❤️

8天 之前  凯瑟琳·海格尔p站 
A good book is paramount for those root touch up days. The Last Resort by @marissastapleyis perfect for transporting me out of the salon and into another world. So juicy and absorbing! Almost too good to finish. I want it to go on forever! It’s become my number one summer reading pick thanks to my friends at@BookSparks #SRC2019 Also I’d like to add that according to p站s very serious rules on partnerships I must add the “paid partnership” tag to this simply because @booksparks sent me the book to check out. Not because they paid me anything at all ( because they didn’t) but because they sent me a $10 book for free. Just FYI.

9天 之前
Ended up with a full week off from work on @suits_usa and decided to get my butt home to see my kiddos and revel in the magic of the mountap站. I’ve been without them for the last two weeks and I won’t lie…the first few days were kinda lovely. A sort of momcation if you will. But by day 5 my soul starts to hurt and I’m plagued by a lingering melancholy I can’t put my finger on until the moment I am once again bathed in the light of their physical presence and the melancholy lifts and I understand I am just much better with them than I am without them. Not that I don’t appreciate a few days to myself here or there but a few days is about all I can handle away from the easy love, laughter and divinity of my children before all that me time starts to sour along with my mood. Yesterday was overflowing with a million perfect moments. Meandering around the ranch and saying “Hello!” to all our creatures with Stinkews. Letting the girls use my phone to get their Selfie on. Watching the clouds drift with easy purpose through a cerulean sky while my kids dance and twirl and laugh and love all around me. Rocking the baby and cooing his lullaby before bed. Kissing the girls goodnight on the top of their heads, right where their hair parts and drinking in their familiar and comforting one of a kind scents. Sitting in Josh’s truck with the windows rolled down sipping a martini and listening to his addictive new song. Relinquishing the day to the perfect softness of my own bed, my own pillow, my own comforter. It was a good day. A very good day. Not every one is quite so perfect or so effortless but yesterday was and I am grateful. Deeply and profoundly grateful. And when I have a not so good day I will look back at this post and remember. PS. I should mention Josh’s truck was parked in our driveway at home. I do not bring martinis on car rides!

15天 之前
Thanks to everyone who has shopped our @poshmark store so far and helped support our #PoshPopUp for the @jasonheiglfoundation If you’ve not stopped by yet click the link in my bio and check it out! All our proceeds will be going to help abused, abandoned and neglected animals. ❤ ??

17天 之前  凯瑟琳·海格尔p站 
I’m so excited to launch a #PoshPopUp with my mom, Nancy, on @poshmark today! Shop our style, including some of our favorite designer looks. We will be donating all of our closet proceeds to the @jasonheiglfoundation, a non-profit we started dedicated to animal welfare and advocacy. Tap the link in my bio to get your shop on!

26天 之前
Recently, photographer Shayley Dupaix visited my Foundation ranch in Utah to meet some of our rescued pups. She kindly donated her time and talents to help us find forever homes for our four legged friends, capturing some wonderful pet pawtraits. The results were amazing and her photographs really highlight the individual characteristics and personalities of the dogs. To find out more about our amazing Heigl Hounds check out @jasonheiglfoundation or if you’re looking for fabulous photographer to take a photo with your pet pooch get in touch with Shayley via @shayleyspetpawtraits

1个月 之前
Taking a cue from my new best friend @harryconnickjr and honing my #stalkie skills. Can you tell who that super star is in my the reflection of my sunglasses? I’ll give you a hint. He’s sings like the heavens have opened up and poured forth their glory just for you. He writes like a man who’s seen and felt more than you can imagine. His wit will leave you breathless with laughter. His heart expands effortlessly to include everyone and everything in his wake. He drinks only bourbon and ginger ale on the rocks. He sleeps next to me almost every night and buffers my anxiety with his love. Yup, you guessed it…no! Not @harryconnickjr it’s @joshbkelley for gods sake!

2月 之前
It is my glorious Adalaide Marie’s birthday today. Overnight she has gone from the baby girl who quietly observed everything and everyone around her with a sort of hawk eye precision to the seven year old gal who’s turned that uncanny ability into a super power of feisty fierceness laced with a wicked sense of humor and an easy compassion. Her unconditional love for her people makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Her take no prisoners approach to life p站pires a certain knowing that she will always have your back right or wrong. I look at her now and see the woman she will be glowing brightly and unapologetically in her gorgeous eyes. Adalaide is a girl who will rule the world. I won’t be surprised if a “Yes Madam President” is in her future. I am so blissfully proud to call her mine…to love her and be loved by her…oh and for the possibility of a mother of the president wing at the White House! Happy Birthday my beauty! May today and everyday be as perfect as you! My cup runneth over! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

2月 之前  凯瑟琳·海格尔p站 
Funny faces with Stinkews. He really does love looking at himself in the camera…or a mirror…or any reflective surface he can find. I guess we’re all a little guilty of that these days ? PS. He was eating nuts…sorry for the open mouth full of chomped cashews shots!

3月 之前
Happy #internationalwomensdayHere’s to the mother that raised me. The sister that graced me. The daughters that saved me. I have been so impressively and divinely influenced by these incredible women and these little girls and I am who I am because of them. And I am proud to be the woman they believe me to be. Most of the time ?And here’s to every other woman out there simply, honestly and courageously striving to do, be and get her best. I’ve got you. And I know you’ve got me too. And I am grateful.

3月 之前
Tonight…is…the…SEASON 8 FINALE OF @suits_usa! It’s really pretty fantastic, intense, surprising and oh so so very rewarding for all of us devoted to the series for the last 8 years. Don’t miss it!! It’s on USA Network and check your local listings for times…I forget, though I know it’s on at 9pm in Utah! #suits

3月 之前
We’re at my moms for Sunday dinner and Joshua turned the girls toy ironing board into a skateboard. I’m perpetually astounded by his innate boy ness. And a little scared. He seems to really gravitate towards the extreme. He loves thrills. He loves daredevil adventures. He has more energy than you can imagine. But, thankfully he does have a tender side and will pick up one of the girls baby dolls and lovingly pat their back and soothe them…before he throws them as far as he can on their heads. Baby steps I guess…

3月 之前
I’m using my very serious throaty voice to make it clear that I…mean…business….Watch your back Scotty. Samantha’s coming for you. #Suits Don’t miss the new episode of @suits_usaTONIGHT at 10/9c!

3月 之前
My latest collaboration with @joshbkelley. He wrote this gorgeous song and let me direct the video. By direct I mean boss him around relentlessly so I can get the shot and refuse to let him edit any of it together. What a great time I had!! Thanks babe for fulfilling all my “I’m in charge here” dreams!

3月 之前
So this pic came up in my photo memories from last year and I have one very important thing to say….I’m sucking it in sooooooo hard I think I permanently pushed my organs into my spine. ??

4月 之前
Together again! So much fun teaming up with the wonderful 27 Dresses gang for a reunion photo shoot at @entertainmentweekly (Story link in my bio) What y’all think about a sequel??? Where are they now… Be sure to grab a copy of the special Rom Com reunion issue of EW on newsstands from today! ❤

4月 之前
Saturday morning @taylorswiftvibes! @joshbkelley and I caught this little video on our #ezvizplayroom camera and just had to share! I think I might take a cue from my cute kids and go pump up some enthusiasm for the weekend with a full voice, loud music dance party!! ????

4月 之前
It’s is the love of my life’s @joshbkelley birthday today. I’m not sure how to put into words the depth of my love for this man. I know…me, at a loss for words, shocking. Don’t worry…I’m gonna give it my best shot anyway! But I feel almost too much to be able to adequately express it. There’s just something deeply extraordinary about this man and my gratitude, my joy, my bliss at being able to call him mine is eternal and always in me. Even when I’m not properly expressing it. Like for example when I roll my eyes at your bad jokes. Or sigh heavily and repeatedly until you notice the empty cracker box you’ve left on the counter. In the kitchen. Directly above the pull out garbage can. Or when I use my stern voice and call you by your full name because you’ve let the baby have three bananas…in a 20 minute time span. But just know. Even when it may not seem like it. Even when I’m not saying it. I am profoundly, intensely, passionately in love with you. Happy Birthday my bright, sexy, strong, courageous, hilarious, talented soulful man. May this year and every year after be overflowing with all the good things. All the dreams come true. All the joy, glee, bliss, love, success and passion you deserve. I love you. Nobody. ❤️??

4月 之前
I talked the girls into walking the half mile to Halmoni’s house with me. We stopped about 16 times to gather strength and eat snow. It is all up hill after all. To be clear I am the least athletic person you’ll ever meet but I was feeling kinda restless and itchy to do something. I rarely get p站pired to move and am very content with my 20 minute at home yoga practice thank you very much, but today the wind, the snow, the wide breathtaking skies called to me. I needed to feel the cold air sting my nose and throat. I needed to stand small and humbled next to the enormity of the mountap站. I needed to look up into the endless expanse of the sky and feel grounded in sudden perspective. So I made my kids come with me ?


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