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Today is @fearlesslygirl#KinderGirlWorldDay, a day where we all put a STOP to toxic behavior among girls online and replace it with KINDNESS. So I’m using this day to send out a message of kindness to my best friends and sisters @kar_inthegarage and @lekildow. Karin and Laura, I admire,respect,love, and appreciate you because every day you show me what strong women can do! I am p站pired by you both every single day! What female can you recognize and lift up? Let’s use social media for something positive! #lifteachotherup #loveandrespect

1天 之前
Niki Lauda. One of the toughest people I’ve ever met. One of the greatest athletic survival and comeback stories of all time. Always spoke his mind. Always had a smile. Loved speed as much as I do. Rest In Peace my friend. ??❤️

3天 之前
Exciting news!!! My memoir “RISE” will be released next year!! I’ve been working hard on this project with my writer @danpaisner and in a lot of ways it’s been a therapeutic process talking about my life and experiences. Needless to say, I’ve been through a lot and I don’t just mean my crashes on the slopes. Can’t wait to share my life with you guys ❤️ thanks for the continued support @harpercollp站us ??

4天 之前  林赛·沃恩p站 
3 birthday cakes might be over the top but you deserve the world! … now I get a pass for the next 3 years ? love you @subbanator

7天 之前
OMG @heyjenbartel made me into a real @marvel super hero!!! Which illustration do you guys like best?? I think I like the pink ? thank you @redbull for this!

8天 之前
Great day in NYC with these legends. Thanks @nbcolympics for supporting female olympians and for telling our story. #olympicfamily

New York, New York

10天 之前
Happy 30th birthday to the love of my life!!! Your energy and light has changed my world in so many ways and I can’t express how thankful I am to have you. Here’s to 30 and many, many more together, you old man! ? #overthehill #babypk

11天 之前
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!! The look on your face says it all? thanks for putting up with me!! Love you ❤️

12天 之前
No fancy changing room here! Being a swimsuit model is harder than it looks!? Just posted a full 10 min video on my YT if you want to see the behind the scenes shots. Link in my bio #onthebeach #BTS@si_swimsuit

14天 之前
I’m extremely graceful ? @si_swimsuit

Boca De Tomatlán, Jalisco, Mexico

15天 之前  林赛·沃恩p站 
3rd time is the charm! I embraced myself and had a blast doing it! Thank you @si_swimsuit for including me and thank you @mj_day for breaking boundaries with the women you’ve showcased in the magazine ?? #beforesurgery

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

17天 之前
What a weekend in Miami! Had so much fun with my @Harvardclassmates and our amazing professor @anitaelberse. Can’t wait to see what these alumni do in the future! #BEMS #neverstoplearning

Miami, Florida

20天 之前
When @llcoolj is in your @harvardreunion class with legendary professor @anitaelberse it’s a great day ?? #legit#mamasaidknockyouout

22天 之前
When date night hits Toronto= I get to see my first @raptors game with @subbanator ?? Thx for the warm welcome ?? ❤️

24天 之前
Watched Avengers Endgame tonight… Love Captain Marvel! ???? #lovedit

29天 之前
??I’m gonna have to side with @kingjames on this one, training to @djkhaled is the only way to go ?? But all of us can agree that @weareladder makes sure we get the most out of our workout, no matter what we’re listening to while we do it ?? (link in bio)

30天 之前
Definite must in the second chapter of my life = white teeth and fresh breath! Nothing worse than walking into a meeting with morning breath so I use the New @Colgate Total SF to make sure I’m ready for whatever my day has in store! Also side note, yes I know I’m sun burnt ??‍♀️ #NewColgateTotal #ColgateAd

1个月 之前
It’s not much but it’s something… hope I never have to do rehab again. @projectrock #buildthebelief ? @dennislloyd

1个月 之前
I’ve got my eyes on you ? #iseeinPrizm #LVedition#OakleyPrizm #oakleyambassador

1个月 之前
Last night I met this beautiful and charming “make-a-wish” young lady. It was an incredible event and it felt good to be giving back in Nashville. This is an amazing city with a lot of caring and kind people and I’m happy to be here ❤️ *Waiting For Wishes Celebrity Waiters Dinner With Kevin Carter & @jaydemarcus| ?: Getty Images @makeawishamerica #makeawish

1个月 之前  林赛·沃恩p站 
Got a great tip during a business meeting – ‘simplify what you can.’ #ChaseAmbassador I have that with my Chase Ink Business Unlimited credit card – it’s helping me track my business expenses and is a great tool to manage cash flow. But I’m always trying to learn and am looking for new ideas and tips. I’d love to hear your feedback and any business tips you have! Please write me below?? #ChaseInk #buildingmybusiness

1个月 之前
Together we have: 38 surgeries 90 World Cup wp站 182 World Cup podiums 7 Olympic medals 5 Olympics Games 15 concussions 13 world championship medals And 1 baby #strongwomen We pushed the limits going 80mph… sh*t happens ??‍♀️ The answers to yesterday’s quiz are in the second pic. Check for the tags to see if you were right.

1个月 之前
⚠️This is a TEST!⚠️ Whose scars are whose?? How good is your ski racing knowledge… ? bonus question-who has had the most surgeries? @lalalaurenne@juliamancuso @leannestagramm@lindseyvonn @thealigator (all by PT @lindsaywinninger)

1个月 之前
Finally getting to celebrate our retirement together! We’ve spent so many years striving to be the best skiers in the world as individuals and as a team…cheers to what’s next ladies! @leannestagramm@staceycookusa @juliamancuso#downhillteam


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