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Let’s stand together, men and women to raise our voices in protest to the misogynistic and barbaric actions politicians are taking to ban abortion. You can google your state’s governors phone number and leave messages. You can email them so their mailboxes burst with our outrage. The only way to stop sliding down this slope is to show solidarity and take action NOW! #youknowme#dontletthebastardswin#keepshowinup Here are some numbers to start and I will add As I find more! Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: 404-656-1776 Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey: 334-242-7100 Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds: 515-281-5211 Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant:601-359-3150 Missouri Gov.Michael L Parson 573-751-3222 Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchp站on 501-682-2345 Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine 614-644-4357 Utah Gary R Herbert 801-538-1000

5天 之前
Missouri is the latest state to jump on the “6 week abortion ban”. They join Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Iowa and many more. Though most women have no clue they are even pregnant at six weeks, these states are signing “Heartbeat Bills” that they would like to see made into law. What’s this all about? At 6 weeks, doctors can detect a “rhythm” that looks like a heart beat, but science has proven that it’s not. An embryo doesn’t have a heart at 6 weeks, it is a 3-4 millimeter group of cells with NO DEVELOPED ORGANS. Thanks to modern day ultrasound technology, doctors can catch an electrical activity-a rhythmic pulsing-of cells that are just starting to group themselves together in ways that might eventually grow into a heart. But there is no “beating heart” and no guarantee that one will develop. Miscarriages up to the 8th week of pregnancy are usually indistinguishable from a heavy period. This is the reality. Here’s another reality. These bills are being signed with NO EXCEPTIONS for RAPE, INCEST or SEXUAL TRAFFICKING. In Iowa, there’s an 11 year old child who has become pregnant after being repeatedly raped by a 26 year old man. She is one of the “women” who will be penalized by these bills for being a victim of assault. Another fact: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey actually signed a “Heartbeat Bill” on Wednesday. Yesterday. Ironically, Alabama and many of the other states trying to get these bills passed have the HIGHEST INFANT MORTALITY RATES IN THE COUNTRY. These state’s governments show the least concern for maternal and infant health in general and are ready to put more women’s lives at an even greater risk. I want to call out to the men in this country. You have to support us and stand in solidarity with us on these issues. We can’t be the only ones fighting for these rights. Because in the end, it takes the two of us for one of us to be pregnant. You need to speak out on social media. You need to call your state governors and representatives and add your voices to ours. Fill up their mailboxes, their voicemails and their social media pages in protest to these heartless and ignorant attacks on our reproductive freedom. These are historic times. Let’s make history.

7天 之前
I don’t like to get political and I try to only do it if a really have to and this is one of those times. If someone doesn’t want to continue reading, you have been warned. Our rights as women to obtain safe abortions by experienced doctors are again at stake. Last Tuesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a draconian bill into law that outlaws all abortions after six weeks — before most women even realize they’re pregnant — including in cases of RAPE OR INCEST. This makes Georgia the sixth state to pass such a restrictive six-week abortion ban, joining Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa, and North Dakota. These laws haven’t been passed yet, but lawmakers in these states are trying. Abortion is hard enough for women on an emotional level without having to go through it in potentially unsafe and unsanitary conditions. I myself went through an emergency abortion 2 years ago. I was 4 1/2 months pregnant and shooting on location in Eastern Europe. I went into pre term labor and told that I had to be awake for the whole procedure. It was one of the most horrific experiences I have ever gone through. I still have nightmares about it. I was alone and helpless. When I think about the fact that women might have to face abortions in even worse conditions than I did because of new laws, my stomach turns. I spiraled into one of the worst depressions of my life and had to work extremely hard to find my way out. I took time off of my career. I isolated myself for months and had to keep a strong face for my two amazing kids. I started gardening, eating healthier and going to the gym everyday because I didn’t want to jump into taking anti depressants unless I had tried every other alternative. Thank God I was able to find my way out of that personal hell without turning to medication, but the memory of what I went through and what I lost will be with me till the day I die. Abortion is a nightmare at its best. No woman wants to go through that. But we have to fight to make sure our rights are preserved to obtain a safe one if we need to. I never wanted to speak about this experience. But I cannot remain silent when so much is at stake. #prochoice#prochoicegeneration

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I’m a MOTHER LOVER.? Because America is the only country in the developed world with a rising maternal mortality rate, this Mother’s Day, @thefrankieshop is joining @the_mother_lovers in raising awareness of America’s maternal health crisis, and supporting the upcoming documentary @bornfreefilm. Get your limited edition #frankieshopxmotherlover t-shirt and show that you too #loveallmothers.#happymothersday

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Today, May 9 is WW2 Victory Day and I would like to honor my grandmother Tatiana Ivanovna, may she Rest In Peace, who at 16 years of age, joined the army as a nurse and made it all the way to Berlin. She saved lives and barely escaped with her own, hiding under dead bodies at times to survive. This little girl went through such a hard life seeing death every day. She then came back and started her life all over from nothing, raising two kids as a single parent. I will always remember how amazing she was. I was lucky enough to be with her in the months before she passed, taking her for walks in her wheelchair everyday and talking with her about her life. Those moments are so precious to me. I love you Babushka! We miss you so much!?????? С Днём Победы!!!???

15天 之前
Another bbq Sunday! Seeing dear friends @what_j_happened and @chrissbrenner, saying goodbye to my girl @laraleito as she flies off somewhere glamorous and the kids had the best time. Paul made the most amazing steaks and we feasted like kings! I hope you all had a fun weekend, what did you do?

16天 之前
Smush dipping French fries into her chocolate shake, having a very Norman Rockwell moment. ? by my amazing hubby #happysundayeveryone

17天 之前
Time out.? When your kids fight at the park mama cracks down.??‍♀️?

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It’s so nice to see this beauty @laraleito, one of my favorite Russian sisters! We had the most delicious lunch at #alicewesthollywood with my two other favorite friends @markusmolinari and @chrissbrenner who ended up doing an impromptu fashion shoot with us which was so fun!? I love spending time with good people, so this was an absolutely wonderful afternoon!???

1个月 之前
My everything. My life, my love. My daughter. Thanks again to @chrissbrenner for another gorgeous photo!??? #evergaboanderson

1个月 之前
It’s always stressful on opening weekend and @hellboymovie is no different. You work super hard to make something fun and entertaining and have to absorb the negative reviews by movie critics, but hey! THAT’S SHOWBIZ BABY.? All I’m gonna say before going to bed is this: All my raddest films have been slammed by critics. It’s fucking hilarious. Dazed and Confused? Seriously? Classic movie. The Fifth Element! You would have thought that was the worst movie ever made if you read the reviews in like ‘98?. Zoolander? Slammed. Joan of Arc? Disaster. Resident Evil? Let’s not even go there. Anyway, every one of those films is now a cult classic. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And this will be too. Mark my words. Why? 1. Because of the amazing actors. David Harbour. Ian Mcshane. Daniel Dae Kim. Sasha Lane. They are all so damn wonderful and talented, the movie is worth seeing just because they’re in it, especially one that’s so much fun to experience as this is. 2. @mikemignola who created the #Hellboy comics helped write the script and was on set every single day to make this film as close to his vision as possible. 3. It was directed by one of the greats. #NeilMarshall who brought us “The Descent”. One of the greatest horror movies ever. Trust me, you’re gonna have a blast watching the new @hellboymovie. I mean, one critic said “it’s a loud, gory mess only a teenager would love.”?????HELL yea Hellboy! Let’s have some fun! And with that, I wish you all a good night! Xo m?

1个月 之前
Well that’s a wrap on our press tour for @hellboymovie and we had so much fun promoting the film! We even celebrated @dkharbour’s bday with a surprise Hellboy cake, how rad is that?? Hellboy is out today in theaters, so have a great time watching it! And if you don’t like it, please feel free to post your criticisms on @hellboymovie’spage, not mine! Thanks! Xo m??? thanks to my glam squad in Toronto: Make up: @alicekilpatrick Hair: @ivylammakeup

1个月 之前
Yay!! We had so much fun at the @hellboymovie premiere in NYC last night! Thank you to the entire cast, you’re all such wonderful and talented people, I’m so happy to have worked with you all! The movie hits theaters this Friday the 12th so go check it out if you have a chance, you’ll have a blast! Xo m❤️ The look: Make up: @therealistdotti Hair: @luke_chamberlain Dress: @isabelmarant Coat: @claudemontanaofficiel Shoes: @balmain Earring: @prada Purse: @chanelofficial (vintage)

1个月 之前
Getting ready for the premiere of @hellboymovie!! So happy with my look! Sorry for all the shameless selfies, but…? The dress by my girl @isabelmarantand my p站anely rad coat by @claudemontanaofficieldesigned by the super talented @byronesquevintage! Thanks @kryslelip for making this look a reality! Special thanks to my glam team: Make up: @therealistdottiHair: @luke_chamberlain

1个月 之前
First day of press in NYC for @hellboymovie with my boys @dkharbour and @danieldaekim! Here we are just being totally casual backstage at Facebook! Thanks so much to my wonderful glam squad! You did a gurl right! Hair: @rutgerhair Make up: @therealistdotti

2月 之前
What a fun few days doing press for @hellboymovie with these two amazing humans @dkharbour and @danieldaekim! Next stop, NYC!

2月 之前
So excited for the release of @hellboymovie next week! Today and tomorrow I’m doing press here in LA and then going to the premiere in NYC and another in Toronto! Thanks so much to my amazing glam squad for hooking me up today! Hair: @lightaaronMake up: @jostrettell

2月 之前
My baby girl Dash had the best time on her birthday! There’s so many amazing pics and I finally managed to edit them down.? The first two pics are from her school party! So funny cause it’s a Russian preschool and these two pics look straight from the Soviet Era.? But Dashy’s happiness is amazing, right?? And then some more keepers from the birthday bash on Sunday. Smushy with her bf’s, me and my mama! It was a beautiful, beautiful birthday weekend! Thanks @anyabraidsfor making all the girls look so fabulous! I even got my hair braided at the end of the day! #dashbirthdaybash

2月 之前
Happy Birthday to my sweet, loving, exuberant, hilarious little flower Dashiel Edan! The incredibly smart and perceptive little person you’ve become this year is a joy to see and be a part of! You make everyone around you feel so special with your thoughtful ways! May God bring you all the happiness you deserve in life, you twinkling, smiling, little sprite. Your family loves you so much!! Xoxo mama❤️ We had so much fun at Smushy’s bday party! We had an Easter egg hunt for the little kids, plus hair braiding and cookie art! Thanks to the incredible @marcrg4u for the breathtaking cakes and my dear friend @papermintlamb for the beautiful paper flowers! You guys made our party feel so special and enchanting! Also big thanks to @sendintheclownsla and @ballooncelebrations for once again creating such a stunning environment and turning our backyard into a magical children’s fairytale!

2月 之前
Well I’m officially the best mom ever according to my daughter and her friend!? They are the biggest Billie Eilish fans and I took them to her record release party!? We saw my friend @rolaofficial who was in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with me and the girls met Billie who was so sweet with them and made them feel so special! Check the last pic where the girls are holding artwork they made for Billy to sign for them. I’m so proud of how creative they are? #ladiary


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