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2天 之前
So you probably remember I changed my hair color 2 weeks ago to blonde and went back to dark like 2 days later… and on top of it I cut them short. ??‍♀️ . This damaged my #hair completely ( the blonde part ) I should have known better but it’s too late to complain now. Thats why it’s important to me, to integrate more vitamp站 into my diet to stimulate hair growth and make then strong again. ????‍♀️ . My SOS plan is taking @1stphorm“#Hair #Skin and #NailEssentials” to increase strength. Besides Vitamin A, C, #Calcium, #Iron and many other there is also the miracle wonder #Biotinin it. . #iam1stphorm #stronghair#phamily

Miami Beach, Florida

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Can anyone guess what I’m doing today? #happysunday #legitvibes

Miami Beach, Florida

5天 之前
Happy Thursday everyone. I just finished a quick workout ??‍♂️ . Since I’m having surgery next week, I won’t be able to hit the gym for a while. I will make a post about my surgery, so you guys know what’s up.. ( no worries it’s nothing serious ) ? . After my workout routine I am having my @1stphorm protein shake. . Drinking Phormula-1 immediately after your workouts will give your body the amino acids it needs to begin the repair process. . ❗️Build More Lean Muscle ❗️No Bloat, Gas, Burps, or Upset Stomach ❗️Reduce Recovery Time Post-Workout ❗️Amazing Taste .#Iam1stPhorm #Phamily#noexcuses #legitvibes

Miami Beach, Florida

6天 之前
[ EDITED ON 05/03 – THE WINNERS ARE @chrissyladam@natashhkaa AND @precious_love721 ] GIVEAWAY TIME!! ? Giving away a huge amount of really nice clothes to 2 lucky winners. Most of the clothes has never been worn and a lot still has the tag on it. @revolve @fashionnova @hm@splendidla @bandier@chaserbrand @prettylittlething@grlfrnd_denim @7forallmankind@zara just to name a few brands. . Most of the pieces are in size small and medium. And very stretchy. ?? . ?? TO ENTER THE #GIVEAWAY ?? – Like this post – Follow me @joca – Tag 1 of your bestie – For extra entries, tag more people! . The lucky winner will be chosen this Friday on my p站 Story and on this picture. . Good luck!! ?

Miami Beach, Florida

8天 之前
Happy Monday everyone. @p站 brought me so much p站piration. I can connect with people, that I probably would never meet in real life. Some accounts are motivating me so much. And most important.. I feel so connected with you guys. ? . But p站, also has a dark side. Your self worth gets rated by the number of likes and follows. You constantly compare yourself with other peoples life. You compare yourself with other people by their looks.. because there’s always someone who is better looking and younger than you. There’s always someone who is richer than you. . But the truth is none of us is perfect. We all have our p站ecurities. . None of us are easy to date, deal with, or please all the time. . We all have our vices, attitudes and ways of doing things that make us who we are. . It’s important from time to time to check in with yourself and see how you feel based on the people you follow. . Love Joca ? . . . [ Bikini: @maajiswimwear#maajiswimwear #legitvibes#maaji #miamibeach ?]

Miami Beach, Florida

9天 之前
And another Sunday is over. On the weekends, I try to spend as much quality time with my son as possible. Meaning, we are going to the beach, spending all morning at the playground or going for a walk in the park. This is so important to me, but also very tiring. Sometimes I feel, he sucks out of my energy ? and all the things I planed to do, once he is in bed are gone lol .. because I’m so tired. . On busy weekends like it was today, a #proteinbarfrom @1stphorm is the answer. Loaded with 20G of Ultra High Bioavailable #Protein and 6 Layers of Delicious Flavor makes it a perfect snack. ? .#iam1stphorm #phamily#snacktime

9天 之前
Hi Friends, hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far .. ?? [ wearing @varley ] #legitvibes#joca

11天 之前
“Sometimes the right path for you is the one no one will applaud or envy. Sometimes it’s getting to know yourself intimately without outside observation in mind.” [ Wearing @1stphorm ] ??#iam1stphorm #phamily#neversettle #legitvibes

Miami, Florida

11天 之前
Slow down, because the only moment we can really live is now. Being in the #present moment, if you can learn to do that, begp站 to change your whole life. . Just staying focused on what is happening now . . . ( I know it’s easier to say than it actually is ) It takes practice. . When we’re truly present, we recognize that the ordinary moments are life’s greatest gifts. . Slow down, and don’t multitask. This will distract you, and you may end up making mistakes that you can’t take back. Another benefit to slowing down is that you’ll be able to appreciate the small and seemingly mundane things. ??‍♀️ #legitvibes .#namastebitches #yogapants#yogaposes #morningyoga#meditation #meditationspace

12天 之前
In my opinion, taking time for yourself to work out is one of the best forms of self-care. @24HourFitness ??‍♀️??‍♀️ . Self-care is extremely important no matter what else you’ve got going on in your life. And before you think self-care is only necessary for people with anxiety or for those who experience emotional struggles that you don’t identify with, back that thought up right now. Everyone needs self-care – What do you do to care for yourself? . #sponsored#24HourFitness #FitSquad24

24 Hour Fitness – Coconut Grove

13天 之前
Me going back to blonde last only 1 day last week.. lol @igkhair with this new short hair.. ??‍♀️??‍♀️ love it. . @lily_tookey_hair@mathiasdavidhair @cultgaia

Miami, Florida

13天 之前
You may already love working out, or are looking for reasons to love it. Working out does so much more for you than you know. It’s not just a way to burn a few extra calories so you can maintain a healthy weight. . It’s one of the best activities to improve yourself p站ide and out, beyond the walls of your gym. @24hourfitness ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ .#Sponsored #24HourFitness#FitSquad24

24 Hour Fitness – Coconut Grove

14天 之前
If you’re serious about change, you have to go through uncomfortable situations and stop trying to dodge the process. It’s the only way to grow. #legitvibes [ tap for dezzz ]

14天 之前
In a world where we can order just about anything to our doorstep in the blink of an eye, it only makes sense that there are plenty of delivery service that brings us, what our heart desires. . If you haven’t heard of @ThePuffyDelivery then it’s time to check it out now. ? .#deliveryservice #puffydelivery

14天 之前
Recognize when a phase, job, a life stage, or a relationship is over and let it go. Allow yourself to gracefully exit situations you have outgrown. Moving on doesn’t have to be a catastrophic dramatic event. You can simply chose to move forward with peace and clarity. — wearing @revolve @grlfrnd_denim

15天 之前
Sometimes I love starting my day with a 30-minute commute by foot, partially because it gets my blood flowing and partially because it gives me time to listen to @andyfrisella Podcast. . If you’re looking for some p站piration to switch up your downloaded queue, consider the #MFCEO Podcast from him. His latest #podcast talks about “how can you develop the kind of mindset that goes all in, all the time?” . A mentality that can keep the pedal on the gas…to get optimal results…regardless of whether things are going great for you, or you’re slogging your way through tough times. .#mondaymotivation #podcastlife#audiobook

16天 之前
I wish everyone a Happy Easter Sunday ? what are you guys up to today? #legitvibes over here ??

17天 之前
@theratreats – Do you take your self-care with a side of #CBDorganic dark chocolate? Same. It makes a great daily wellness snack or nightcap. ? .@theratreats has an amazing 4/20 sale. Check it out ? .#cbdchocolate #cbdmovement#organic #cbdbenefits

17天 之前
Self-care is necessary. But it is not always easy. As a single mom I take care of so many thinks around me, including teaching my little man to become a good individual. Being a single mom is exhausting, which makes taking care of myself is even more important. . My body is telling me exactly, when it’s time to step back and do more self-care. Last week I was not feeling well. I was for several days in bed and I had to force myself to rest my body and my mind. . I’m sure some of your guys experienced something similar as well. I would love to hear about it under this picture.. . Some days, getting out of bed is a feat. Sometimes anxiety and depression can be crippling. Sometimes something terrible happens that you have little or no control over, but it rocks you to your core. . In these moments, or hours, or days, you should take measures to care for yourself — mind, body, and heart. . Everyone is unique, so their version of self-care can of course differ, but here are some general tips for taking the time you need to heal. . ? Take time to identify the activities and actions that make you feel good. . ?Find somewhere quiet and meditate as needed. . ?Reread one of your favorite books. . ?Take time to yourself, away from others. . ?Get a full night’s sleep regularly. ( LOL doesn’t work for me ) . ?Check in with yourself. . ?Light a candle and fill your home with your favorite scent. . ?Visit your favorite spot in the city you live in. . ?Don’t feel guilty turning down invitations or canceling plans. . ?Take a day off of work if you need to. . ?Remind yourself that this too shall pass. . ?Read p站piring books. . ?Spend time outside. . ?Listen to your favorite band or song on repeat. . ?Ask for help if you need it. . ?Do not force yourself to do anything you don’t want to do. . ?Eat a balanced diet, but treat yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure. . ?Write down what you’re thinking and feeling. . ?Unplug from social media. . ? Exercise. . ?Listen to a calming playlist. ?Do yoga.

18天 之前
When I’m on the go, I‘m preparing a bottle @1stphorm Super Greens 50 ????? . With that bottle, I know I’m doing something good for my body. . With each serving of Opti-Greens, you get the benefits of eating 11+ servings of vegetables, along with a blend of superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes! The boost of nutrients from #OptiGreens 50 will help #detoxify your body, balance pH levels, boost #naturalenergy levels, and so much more! . ? Low Temperature Processed Ingredients ? Contap站 No Synthetic Ingredients ? 100% Non-GMO ? Improve Overall #Health & Digestion .#iam1stphorm #legitvibes#phamily # healthyliving #superfoods


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